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Invigorating enterprise mobile apps with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Let’s be honest, most enterprise mobile apps are pretty lackluster in their appearance and their performance, which is why we were pretty excited to hear early rumblings about the new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS designed by Apple and SAP. WillowTree has formed close partnerships with both Apple and SAP to help integrate cutting-edge enterprise technology into clean, performant mobile apps. As one of the only agencies in the world that is part of both the Apple Mobility Partner Program and the SAP Consulting Partner Program, WillowTree has been afforded a great opportunity to work closely with both firms to understand the new capabilities of this SDK.

About a month ago, an enthusiastic team of WillowTree developers were allowed early access to the SAP iOS SDK and have spent time exploring its capabilities. Through our initial exploration, we identified a number of features that will likely yield some great benefits. These benefits include stock design assets like timeline and table views that are elegant and can be easily incorporated into enterprise mobile apps, and auto-generating Swift code that will allow developers to more easily connect iOS apps with Hana Cloud.

As an initial release, we believe this technology is very promising for developers looking to quickly build apps for enterprise use cases, where the resident data is within SAP systems. We believe that these capabilities will most directly help native mobile app development firms who are building mobile enterprise apps by enabling quicker connections and integrations with SAP backend systems. For firms that traditionally specialize in SAP integrations, developing mobile apps will certainly be easier, but we firmly believe core native iOS development expertise will continue to be necessary in order to build highly functional, scalable mobile apps.

The greatest promise of this SDK is to enable enterprise partners that currently leverage SAP to quickly deliver engaging, easily scalable mobile apps to large employee bases. Enabling employees the ability to serve customers “on the go” will continue to be a business need in many corporate environments. We look forward to the continued development of the SDK, especially as more design assets are incorporated into the toolkit.

To highlight the capabilities of the SDK, WillowTree developed a demo app to demonstrate how customer representatives can view and manage inventory data within a retail environment. For a deeper look at this demo app or for more information about our experience working with the SDK drop us a line at WillowTree will also be attending SAP Sapphire in May and would love to carve out some time for discussion then.

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