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Introducing Hyperion, our new in-app design review tool

We at WillowTree, Inc® are excited to announce the launch of Hyperion, an in-app design review tool for iOS, as an open source project.

Gone are the days of designers and developers having to meticulously eyeball whether a build of an app matches its designs. Hyperion is the first of its kind: an in-app platform for making plugins to help effectively review designs.

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Current plugins

To start, Hyperion comes with several base plugins that help you see precise measurements, attributes, and animations on a device with ease.

1. Measurements

The Measurements plugin allows you to measure the distance between any two views on the screen. Simply activate the plugin and then tap the views you want to measure to see pixel-perfect paddings and margins. Hyperion Measurements

2. Attribute Inspector

The Attribute Inspector provides detailed information about any element in your app. This plugin is particularly useful for verifying that fonts and colors match the designs. Hyperion Inspect Image Have a tiny view that is difficult to tap? No problem! The Attribute Inspector will let you pinch your app to zoom in. Hyperion Attribute Inspector 2

3. Slow Animations

The Slow Animations plugin allows you to slow down the speed of all animations to 75%, 50% or 25%. This allows you to see exactly what is going on at your own pace. Hyperion Slow Animations divider 600

Jump In!

Hyperion is built on top of a plugin system which means that anyone can create their own plugins. Have a great idea? Want to help contribute? You can find the iOS project here.

Interested in working on more unique projects like Hyperion? Check out our careers page.

What’s next?

We’re already at work on more plugins, and a version of Hyperion for Android. Stay tuned!

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