How Banana Slicers Can Teach Us a Lesson

Have you ever been slicing up a banana to put on toast or in your cereal and thought to yourself, “I wish there was a faster way to do this!”?

Yeah, we haven’t either.

And yet, a banana slicer is a product that exists.

Banana Slicer

It solves a problem that no one has. Surely, you can think of plenty of similar products that you read about in Buzzfeed articles or hear about in late night infomercials.

It’s easy to look at these types of products from an external perspective and feel certain that you would never build something that doesn’t need to exist.

The reality is, however, that there is a lot of outside influence and temptation that could lead you to unintentionally build something that doesn’t need to exist when you are choosing your company’s next digital solution.

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A buzz about the latest technology trends, a fear of missing out, or hefty competition—these factors and more can cloud any company leader’s judgment.

It’s worth noting that plenty of people have bought a banana slicer. Those who did left some hilarious reviews explaining that they largely made the purchase just for the novelty of the concept.

But your customer’s journey doesn’t end with their purchase of your product. Novelty wears off, banana slicers get thrown to the back of the utensil drawer, and products are forgotten: such as Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup, Google+, and New Coke (unless you are a fan of Stranger Things).

In spite of these products falling to the wayside at the expense of the companies that made them, marketing and IT leaders can learn a lesson from banana slicers.

Investing in a new product or a new digital solution without first understanding your customers, evaluating your technology options, and getting the right team in place could lead you to build something that does not need to exist, and does not solve your customer’s problem.

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