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Google I/O Keynote Bingo

Pick one of the cards below, print it out, and follow along! (Alternatively, generate one yourself.)

We’ve been following Google I/O for several years, and have noticed several recurring themes. We came up with a list of things, and then used this helpful bingo card generator to create the cards.  What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments!

  • Matias Duarte wearing a crazy shirt
  • New wearable hardware
  • The self-driving car
  • Android multi-window support
  • Sundar Pichai steepling his hands while talking
  • Android performance improvements
  • Android M Dev Preview announced
  • Joke/hint about what “M” stands for
  • Sundar Pichai opening and closing his hands while talking
  • Material design news
  • Android Auto update
  • Android for Work update
  • Google Fi
  • Polymer updates
  • Google App Engine update
  • More Android / ChromeOS integration
  • Chromecast updates
  • An elaborate countdown timer
  • New Chromecast hardware
  • New Glass hardware
  • Android One update
  • Android TV update
  • Android TV rebrand/cancellation
  • Fake and funny emails or text messages
  • Mention of Nexus line
  • New Nexus device(s)
  • New developer simulator
  • Free failed/will fail Google product
  • Free Nexus 6
  • Free Chromecast
  • No giveaway at all
  • Panned shots of the crowd
  • Charitable or humanitarian Google work
  • Protester interruption
  • Chrome experiment
  • Live demo
  • Failed live demo
  • Dig at rival platform
  • “network problems”
  • Android device activation stats
  • Google Photos unveiling
  • Difficulties with the live stream
  • People sitting on a couch
  • Something to do with VR
  • Developer revenue stats
  • List of hardware partners

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