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Google I/O: Android Instant Apps Overview

We’ve been preaching the importance of thoughtful deep linking for a while now , to increase both app discovery and engagement. And while Google I/O has concluded, we can’t help but point back to the conference keynote this year as it provided us with the most compelling use case for deep linking yet, Android Instant Apps.

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With Instant Apps, tapping on a URL can instantly open up your app, even if the user doesn’t have it installed. This limited version of the app is installed immediately and seamlessly, without the user having to wait for a full install. Users can instantly see the value of your content or your app’s native features without having to experience the friction of downloading the app from the app store.

Instant Apps is a feature with tons of potential for user engagement. Users can share links to videos or recipes directly to their friends through social networks or messaging, and they’ll be sent right back into your app. From viewing content to purchasing to interactive experiences, Instant Apps can deliver features that perform faster than HTML/javascript-based solutions.

This functionality is currently in a closed beta, but you can make sure your apps are ready by ensuring your app and website are properly setup for app linking. Contact us for help getting your app ready for this new opportunity.

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