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Google I/O 2017: the mobile web - state of the union

The Mobile Web: State of the Union focused on key accomplishments in speed and user engagement in web development over the past year. To be expected, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was a primary focus of the talk. An AMP page loads in less than a second, requires 10x less data, and major web players are on board. Check out our CEO’s write-up on AMP. The Chrome Team threw out impressive statistics about its usage in the field, like how LinkedIn acquired 10% more time reading their feed on their AMP page.

But what happens when you combine AMP with a Progressive Web Application (PWA)? You get Twitter Lite. Twitter presented their impressively fast, interactive faux-native application, complete with notifications, ServiceWorker caching, and AMP embedded links. It has all of the features you’d expect and the tweeters have noticed with a 75% increase in tweets since Twitter Lite launched.

Finally, Google spoke about the 215 APIs added since last year, including an improved “Add to Home” prompt, mobile payment integration with Paypal, and an offline and instant playback media API. Keep an ear out for tooling assistance to implement these new features, like WorkBox and Polymer 2.0. The key takeaway: “the modern mobile web is mainstream.”

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