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Google I/O 2017: surprises and delights for attendees

Everyone wanted to know what was happening at Google I/O last week – wondering about the big announcements, what we should be looking forward to in the coming year, what can we get excited to build? Google made it very easy to stay up-to-date by streaming and making the talks available online, and there were plenty of quick summaries available on various blogs and news sites. You can read our take on the main keynote here.

However Google has put a lot of effort into creating delightful experiences for conference attendees in the physical conference space. Here are some of my favorites:

Hands-on fun demos

Google spent a lot of time explaining what it means now that the Google Assistant SDK is available for use, but they also had demos to show examples of it in use. My favorite example was the Google Assistant SDK Powered Mocktail Mixer. There was a demo of talking to the physical Mixer, asking it about options, and the demo ended with everyone in the crowd sipping samples of the delicious mocktails – an experience you can’t get online (yet). google io delight1 google io delight2 Postcards

There is a lot of time spent outdoors at Google I/O, and there are a lot of things to do. My personal favorite was sending postcards. Google set up their own mailboxes around the conference, giving attendees a chance to write physical postcards that Google stamps and mails. I thought this was awesome, and also super cute to have a very old school physical touch at such digital conference. I know my sister is going to be excited to get an actual postcard in the mail! google io delight3 Creative People and Sights

Google I/O is a conference put together by creative thinkers, for creative attendees and it shows in the crowd. I loved just looking around while walking and seeing things you can only see at Google I/O.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves: google io delight4 google io delight5 google io delight6 google io delight7

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