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Google I/O 2017: Google Developer Agency mixer and Women Techmakers dinner reactions

Google Developer Agency Program Mixer

WillowTree had the privilege to attend the Google Developer Agency Program mixer yesterday evening. WillowTree has been a part of this program from launch, and top of mind was learning how we can best use our great native Android design and development skills to collaborate with Google IoT initiatives. Dave Smith presented on Android Things, which particularly piqued my interest. Android Things is another platform that Android can run on (like Wear). They’re providing a developer kit with certified development boards that contain SoMs (System-on-Modules) which is hardware that has the core essentials to run an Android Things application. This hardware can be used with a number of boards, such as the Raspberry Pi. A lot of the core Android SDK is available for development, with the major exception of the Application layer and SystemUI. This is because your application will be the only application on the device, meaning the overhead and resources required for Contacts, for example, will be available for use in your application. They’re creating an ecosystem to aid development and deployment on Android Things devices. The Cloud IoT Core abstracts the complexity of managing the devices and data processing, hooking into other Google Cloud services like Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine. They also have an IoT Developer Console which aids deployment across all sorts of mobile devices. Currently, Android Things applications from other developers will not be available on a Play Store model, and deploying applications to other devices will be limited to just the applications and devices you manage. Android Things is available for preview and the Cloud IoT is under private Beta.

Women Techmakers Dinner

Three women from WillowTree are attending Google I/O this year and we were particularly excited about the Women Techmakers dinner to kick off the event. Over 1000 women attended this event and we had the opportunity to meet and chat with people from all over the world. The head of the program, Natalie Villalobos, spoke and introduced some people that have been crucial to the success of the program. I left the dinner feeling inspired to continue speaking up for women, particularly women in tech and could not thank Natalie enough for what she has accomplished in a handful of years. If any woman in tech is feeling isolated or needs support in their field, I highly recommend joining this great group and chatting to other women across the globe on their private Slack channel. We can learn a tremendous amount from each other and at the very least, we can make new friends.

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