Build Your Team Like a Winning Medley Relay Lineup

A medley relay is one of the most unique sporting events to watch. Four individuals from a team compete in one event, but each person runs a completely different race. One person will sprint around a curve for under 30 seconds, and then pass the baton off to another team member who has to run four laps, going at a slower pace than their counterpart but nonetheless putting in just as much effort.

It’s called a “medley” for a reason—the event calls for a collection of individuals with very different skill sets to work together in pursuit of a common goal.

In order to be successful, your team to implement your organization’s new digital solution should function like a medley relay team.

You may worry about having too many people involved in a project, making processes slower and decisions harder to solidify, but it is even more important to have the right people involved.

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Building a First-Place Project Team

When you begin to roll out something at your company like a new mobile app or updated website, it’s likely that many people will want to be involved in the excitement. However, like a medley, there should be only a few individuals who run the race, but that shouldn’t stop everyone else from watching from the sidelines and rooting them on.

When you choose team members to run the medley race, it doesn’t make sense to fill the group with all distance runners or all sprinters—you need to choose a variety of individuals who each serve a specific purpose that cannot be fulfilled by someone else involved in the project.

Your marathon runner would probably fall short in a 200 meter sprint, just like your marketing leader might struggle to ensure that the project has all of the required software and hardware technicalities to function properly.

This is why we recommend blending Marketing + IT to implement a new digital solution—the marketing team creates consistent messaging and a seamless journey, the IT team designs tools that are API-forward, interoperative, and responsive, and together, we build the solution that will have both the form and function to create the best possible experience for your customer.

By combining Marketing and IT, including a project owner and project manager to determine timelines and deliverables, and hiring an external partner to deliver the right solution on time, your team will have the power to win first place in a medley relay.

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