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Five announcements and talks to look out for at Google I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018 is upon us! We’ve got a team out there at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California soaking up all things Google (along with some of those excellent West Coast rays).

I/O is a behemoth, and it can be tough to wrap your head around everything going on. Here are five things we’re excited to learn more about at Google I/O 2018:

1. The .app domain names are here!

The domain .app is now available, so time to start buying yours! .app domains force https to raise the bar of secure web practices. These domains are selling fast, as you might imagine. We’re excited to learn more about use cases and the further ramifications of “the web’s first secure-only open top-level domain (TLD) for mobile apps and developers” at this session: Introducing .app domain names, and how to secure them

2. Google Assistant/Android Actions and Slices

Actions and Slices are bringing exciting new capabilities to our voice interactions with our connected devices. With smart devices finding a place in the home, we’re looking forward to learning more about how we can bring this to bear in projects, including this session: 10 Tips for Building Better Actions.

3. The Firebase suite is getting sweeter

Firebase has many other tools besides data storage. With it, we can expand app capabilities with crash reporting, analytics, AB testing, file storage, and much more. Implementation is simple, fast, and integrates well with IoT and Google Home Actions. We’re expecting a lot of new updates for the platform to be discussed in depth in this this session, What’s New in Firebase.

4. Machine learning on IoT and mobile with ML Kit

With new APIs for IoT and mobile, Google is really doubling down on making machine learning accessible. We can allow our apps to learn from the user, or offload some of the work to Google’s Cloud. We’ll be at this session on the ML Kit SDK to learn more about this new tool for mobile developers.

5. AR and VR outside of games

Google is really leaning into its AR and VR tech stack, touting it as the next big thing in mobile. While we tend to think AR and VR have a little while longer to go before they can provide actual value for most brands (and users), we’ll be at some of these sessions on getting started with AR, best practices, and using ARCore & Poly to stay on top of these developments in Google’s approach to the tech.

Hope to see you around some sessions this week! If you have any questions about any of this, or anything else you see at Google I/O, reach out!

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