Whitney French was a dynamic member of the WillowTree family. Her death was sudden and deeply impacted our company and community. In her honor, WillowTree announces the formation of a $10,000 scholarship which is designed to celebrate the life of Whitney French by supporting women in the field of digital user experience and design.

Whitney was a Senior Product Designer at WillowTree and an inspiration to everyone she touched. She was incredibly passionate about her work. Her talent and drive allowed her to cross between the lines of designer and innovator. She worked on many projects at WillowTree and always made a significant and meaningful impact. Her enthusiasm and creativity was infectious, and she will always be missed.

WillowTree has created this scholarship to honor Whitney French. Whitney strongly believed in giving more women the opportunity to make an impact in digital design. This scholarship is an extension of those beliefs and will help support young women’s education and development.

The first recipient will be selected by the end of 2017. Applicants interested in the scholarship can apply before December 9th, 2017 via the Going Merry site: https://www.goingmerry.com/browse/willowtree-scholarship-in-honor-of-whitney-french/flights/fall-2017 WhitneyFrenchCollageBlog