App Development

App Store Name and Search Changes

Effective September 7th, Apple began enforcing a new character limit on app names. Moving forward, any update or new application must have a name of 50 characters or less in length. Apple’s recommending to stick to 23 character or less to avoid truncated names from appearing in the store. The new limit is a significant decrease from the previous 255 character limit, so when updating your apps, don’t be surprised if this new rule applies to you.

Long names often included keywords to ensure an application would bubble to the top in search results. With this name change, using keywords in your app’s title just became significantly more difficult.

There is good news too, though. This fall Apple will release a new way to promote your app. Search Ads will allow your team to pay for your application to appear at the top of relevant search results. Your app will appear with the word “Ad” next to it, with a blue background, and one-click download enabled. The timing of this rollout hasn’t been disclosed, but you can sign up to keep informed using your Apple Development account.

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