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Announcing new build tools for Roku and Brightscript

As developers we love great tools. We believe that they are an essential part of building great products and experiences for our users. We also believe that open source is an important strategy in the growth and success of any new tooling.

At WillowTree, when we find ourselves in need of a particular build tool that doesn’t exist, we just make it ourselves. It’s exciting, even freeing in a way, to identify a way to improve the build process at such a concrete level, and to do so on our own real-world terms.

We’re all big fans of Roku’s potential. Roku’s TV-connected devices vastly outsold the competition in 2017. The platform’s facility with deep-linking technology and its service-agnostic content model of both subscription-based and free, ad-supported content channels put them in an exciting position for further market growth.

In working on recent Roku projects, we’ve identified a few places where our process could benefit from some particular tooling.

So today, we’re happy to announce that we are open-sourcing a suite of tools to help supercharge your BrightScript development for the Roku platform:

  1. Wist, our BrightScript linting engine
  2. Hinoki a Language Server Protocol implementation for Wist
  3. Ukor A build tool with support for build flavors

We’ve also created an Atom plugin for seamless integration into your workflow. A VSCode plugin is coming soon.

Open source projects really shine through community collaboration. So we need your help to make these tools even better. You can contribute to the projects on github by writing up bugs, making feature requests, or contributing code.

WillowTree ❤️ open source!

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