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Android Development Tidbits // No. 5

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Android Development Tidbits Series!

Tidbit One

OSX’s default file system is not case sensitive but the terminal IS. So if you name a file and then rename it to be you will run into issues. Two of them include Git not tracking the rename and the compiler generating a class that doesn’t match the file name. This can also cause a huge problem if you have peers developing on linux (case sensitive). - Tidbit Contributor, Charlie

Tidbit Two

Parse is weird with user queries and authData, so checking if an account is connected with Facebook will break after you query while including the user. Fix is to call fetch() after the query on the current user to refetch the auth data - Tidbit Contributor, Eric

Tidbit Three

When using Picasso, if you use resize() and put one of the dimensions as 0 it will maintain aspect ratio. - Tidbit Contributor, Sean

Tidbit Four

If you roll your own viewpageradapter, it doesn’t come with state saving out of the box. A call to saveState() just returns null. - Tidbit Contributor, Frank

Tidbit Five

If you want your views to save state, you MUST give them an id. - Tidbit Contributor, Frank

Tidbit Six

In Android Studio - If you Alt-Enter over a regex, you get an option for a regex checker to make sure it works. - Tidbit Contributor, Frank

Tidbit Seven

If you are using the twitter sdk, make sure you do Picasso.setSingletonInstance() before you initialize the Twitter Fabric SDK. The TweetUi class in the TwitterCore will initialize the Picasso Instance. So, it may crash when you call Picasso.setSingletonInstance()! - Tidbit Contributor, Evan T.

Tidbit Eight

You can deploy to multiple emulators / attached Android devices in Android Studio by Command+Clicking your desired Connected Devices, or use Command+A to select them all. - Tidbit Contributor, Evan H.

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