3 Reasons to Invest in Email Marketing Now

Email marketing is consistently a divisive topic, with businesses either claiming “people just don’t email like they used to,” or that email is far from dead. At WillowTree, we not only fall into the latter camp, we understand that investing in email is not only a successful marketing strategy, but one that will continue to fuel growth into 2019 and beyond.

Why Email Marketing?

Here are the three key reasons why you need to invest in email marketing today:

  1. Email marketing is a cost-effective solution for driving real results. As with any marketing initiative, cost-effective solutions that provide a strong return on investment are vital. Proving ROI can be difficult for most marketing tactics, though. Email marketing on the other hand has shown that every $1 spent results in $44 in ROI. When you combine the ability to measure your marketing efforts with the relatively minimal cost to drive results, it becomes clear that email is a proven channel that should be a foundational piece for any marketing team.
  2. Everyone uses email and that’s not stopping anytime soon. While a strong ROI validates the investment made in email marketing, are people still using email? And if so, are they still responding and engaging with email on a consistent basis? The short answer is that email is not only being used, but seems to be used more frequently, as 205 billion emails are sent everyday. While the number of emails sent continues to rise, over 3 billion people worldwide will be using email by 2020.
  3. **The rise of personalized emails has led to an increase in engagement.**With more and more people using email, the number of opportunities you’ll have to interact with your customers will only continue to increase. But simply interacting with customers isn’t enough. Today’s customer expects information and experiences that are personalized to their likes and dislikes. Customers have even shown that they not only want personalized offers, but are willing to provide their personal data so that they can receive personalized recommendations in the future. When it comes to email, personalized email messages are extremely powerful, improving click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. Personalizing your email marketing allows you to build brand awareness on a more personal level and further strengthen your connection with your customer.

Email marketing certainly isn’t the sexiest or most innovative marketing tool out there, but it is often the most effective, ranking as a more effective method of acquiring and retaining customers than organic search, paid search, social media, and retargeting ads. By investing in email marketing, you’re investing in an initiative that has a high ROI, a wide reach, and provides a better connection with your customers.