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Technical Requirements Manager

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Technical Requirements Manager

Everybody thinks they can be a Business Analyst, but do you consider yourself a true technical detective? The Technical Requirements Manager role at WillowTree is a client facing role focused on understanding our partner’s unique business needs and vision. They collaborate closely with WillowTree’s design and engineering teams to execute and bring that vision to life by translating business requirements into technical requirements.

If you have the talent and experience for this position, we’d like to talk to you.

Successful applicants:

  • Work iteratively with the client to turn abstract goals into precise software features, requirements, and workflows
  • Differentiate between client needs and desires to craft a scope that improves development efficiency
  • Interpret the client’s goals to recommend additional features that would craft a better product
  • Consider and discuss the implications of complex features to ensure the client understands all required dependencies and inputs
  • Act like a WillowTree detective. Have awareness of the things you don’t know and the ability to find answers from the right people to fill in the blanks
  • Are responsive to all partners. Repeatedly asking the question, “what are we trying to say or accomplish here?”
  • Actively guide clients through risk identification and analysis to handle both business and technical uncertainties

Must haves:

  • You have expertise in the mobile-software ecosystem and the differences in capabilities across iOS, Android, Web, and TV platforms
  • You can visualize a client’s product roadmap and identify feature dependencies
  • You love cultivating communication between technical and non-technical audiences, ensuring solutions fulfill client’s business needs
  • You have a committed attention to detail. You document everything
  • You can prioritize work across multiple parallel activities
  • You have an understanding of the WillowTree software development process
  • You are extraordinary at quickly reading and synthesizing large documents
  • You communicate clearly, confidently, and respectfully with clients and potential clients

Bonus points:

  • Agency experience with a wide variety of clients and verticals
  • Multi-platform project experience
  • In-depth technical knowledge
  • Real passion for mobile and tech

About WillowTree:

Founded in 2008, WillowTree is a mobile design and development agency whose mission is to bring together a team of smart, motivated people who take pride in their work and strive to be the best in mobile. We cultivate a collaborative environment that focuses on continuous learning and unlimited opportunities to have a huge impact; and, of course, we also ship lots of code!

At WillowTree, we work with companies like Zappos, PepsiCo, HBO, and Mattel to solve real-world product strategy, design, and technical problems. There's always something new and exciting to work on, and the results of our efforts get shipped to users' devices every day.

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