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Whitney French Design Scholarship

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About Whitney French

Whitney French was a Senior Product Designer at WillowTree and an inspiration to everyone she touched. She was incredibly passionate about giving more women the opportunity to make an impact in digital design and supporting their education and development. After Whitney’s passing in 2017, WillowTree created an annual $5,000 scholarship in her honor that supports women in the field of digital user experience and design.

About You

Everyone has a unique story and we want to create space for you to tell it. There’s no “one size fits all” qualification list. Our scholarship will be tailored to your academic goals, however, we expect our recipient to be a womxn pursuing a future in digital user experience and design. We know that there is a lack of gender diversity in the field of design and we would like to provide you with an opportunity to jumpstart your career! *The scholarship will be applied to your university or bootcamp tuition.


If you’re a bullet point kind of person, maybe this will help! To qualify, you should be a womxn currently enrolled in a part-time or full-time

  • Design program at a college or university
  • Design bootcamp or accelerated learning programs like General Assembly, Ironhack, or Flatiron, etc.

What You Need to Apply

  • Your resume
  • Link to your digital portfolio/design samples
  • Cover letter that addresses the prompt below

Cover Letter Prompt

We want to hear more about you, your goals, and how our scholarship can help you get there. So in your cover letter, please address the following:


What’s your story?

We know you’ve lived many lives before stumbling upon this application and we want to hear about them. Tell us how these experiences impact your passion for design and how they’ve influenced your drive for success. We want to hear about what makes you an incredible creative so brag about the design samples in your portfolio, ideas you have for future projects, or whatever else feels important to share.


What are your career goals?

Tell us about your experience in design so far and what you hope to gain by pursuing this field of study. Why is this career field the right opportunity for you? Where do you see your career progressing from this point?


*There is no length requirement, so take the time you need to tell us what you want us to know. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we will begin interviews in Spring 2021. We can’t wait to meet you!


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