2020 Whitney French Design Scholarship

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The WillowTree Scholarship in Honor of Whitney French

This scholarship is designed to celebrate the life of Whitney French by supporting women in the field of digital user experience and design. Whitney was a Senior Product Designer at WillowTree and an inspiration to everyone she touched. She was incredibly passionate about giving women the opportunity to make an impact in digital design and supporting their education and development.

WillowTree remains focused on this cause and offers a yearly scholarship of $5K* starting junior or senior year to a female design student pursuing an undergraduate degree in the states of North Carolina or Virginia. 

*$5K a year, up to 2 years, up to $10K total. 


To apply for the design scholarship, please submit your resume, digital portfolio link, and a cover letter that addresses the following prompts.


  • Are you passionate about digital design? Does your design degree have a focus on digital, or are you working on it outside of the classroom? (Note: Both are great!)
  • How will the rapid advancement of AI, machine learning, and the proliferation of voice assistants affect how people interact with each other and with companies? How does the existence of such technologies change the way you think about your design process?


There is no word minimum or maximum – take all the space to tell us what we need to know.


The deadline to apply for this scholarship is March 31, 2020. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we will begin interviews in April 2020. 

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