UX Strategy

We craft products that drive tangible business value, win industry awards, and make users really happy. This process of innovation doesn’t happen around a boardroom table—we systematically employ methods that get us in the shoes of our clients’ users so real insights always drive concept development.

Our Strategy toolkit takes all the best parts from leading anthropological, marketing, and UX research tactics, but eliminates the cruft that gets in the way of progress and innovation. We are constantly honing the toolkit with the latest and greatest tools to ensure we’re driving progress to market in the most efficient and lightweight way possible.

User Insights

Users know best. Through interviews, surveys, and ethnography we define who the target users are, figure out what makes them tick, and ensure the product is going to meet their needs and eliminate frustration and friction points. Tactics include:

  • User Interviews
  • User and Audience Kano Surveys
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Persona Definition
  • Field Ethnographies

Business and Market Insights

Users may know best, but our clients need to drive their business forward — success is when both of these goals are met. We establish measurable return on investment goals, form an understanding of the opportunity and landscape, and ensure our team has a firm grasp of the operational and business environment in which the product will exist. Tactics include:

  • Competitive and Industry Analysis
  • Success Criteria Definition
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Subject Matter Expert Interviews
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Technical Dependencies Assessment

Product Definition and Focus

Synthesizing the user, business, and market insights is the start of the strategy —WillowTree’s experienced strategy team will bring thought leadership and the latest technical knowledge to bear when defining an achievable and realistic roadmap and timeline. Tactics include:

  • Concept Testing and Validation
  • Content Strategy
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Technical Architecture Mapping

Driving Results

We apply a quick and lean “just enough” approach to UX strategy, working closely with our clients to determine exactly what “just enough” looks like for their company and project. From there, we work as an extension of their team, helping our clients formulate a product strategy that’s steeped in user-centered research, market analysis, and technical expertise.

Each client is unique, so we adapt our process for the audience, situation, and need. Using this approach, we’ve:

  • Created green-field product concepts for a Fortune 500 toy company based on user surveys, user interviews, and market research.
  • Increased loyalty program registrations for Regal Cinema’s mobile product with insights from field studies, user interviews, and user surveys.
  • Targeted the design of a product at a new audience demographic for a major news network based on user insights and personas.
  • Designed and built a mobile product that helps people with sleep apnea track their sleeping habits through an IoT connected CPAP machine.
  • Guided the product direction for a top 5 credit union’s mobile experience based on a large user survey, stakeholder and user interviews, and in-depth competitive analysis.