Universal Windows Platform Services

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) allows companies to target multiple audiences and devices using a single code base. That means new opportunities for brands to expand their reach and grow their audience—even outside the mobile space.

Developing a great UWP app requires an in-depth understanding of the multi-use and multi-platform scenarios tied to the platform. Our developers bring that knowledge to bear on the UWP projects our clients bring us—and can help you build a UWP app that feels as good on your five-inch phone as it does on your 45-inch TV.

Reach New Audiences

UWP makes it possible for your company to reach new and existing customers on app-friendly platforms and operating systems like XBox One, Windows Mobile 10, Windows 10, and HoloLens. It also opens up the opportunity to create a safer experience for your users on the world’s most popular operating system.

Modern Design for Enterprise Apps

Windows is already the standard in the enterprise world. UWP creates an opportunity to bring forward-thinking UX/UI design to enterprise apps. Combine this with Windows Store for Business, and companies now have the ability to create apps with incredible user experiences on platforms they already use every day.

VR Apps for HoloLens

HoloLens is Microsoft’s self-contained, holographic computer and provides companies with brand-new ways to interact with employees and consumers. The best UWP applications are, at their core, simple—but developing them is far more complex. Our combined experience in mobile app development, virtual reality, and early augmented reality allows WillowTree to take advantage of everything HoloLens can offer.