QA & Testing

Delivering a high-quality digital product is impossible without testing app performance, load times, connectivity, and core functionality. WillowTree’s QA team meticulously evaluates each of these areas, ensuring the caliber of each and every product we create.

The mobile landscape grows larger every year as new devices and OSs launch, and the number of iOS, Android, Windows, desktop, and mobile web browsers increases. Looking at each device and OS combination as a node to be tested, there are hundreds of thousands of potential testing targets. WillowTree’s QA Team is at the forefront of this rapidly-changing landscape, ensuring our clients’ solutions are reliable, stable, and intuitive through keen attention to detail, deep understanding of platform limitations and capabilities, and a genuine passion for verifying the craftsmanship behind every application we create. WillowTree’s QA team leverages its:

  • Breadth and depth of knowledge working with every major mobile platform and browser dating back to the iOS beta SDK and Android Donut.
  • Expertise engineering cross-platform solutions for Android, iOS, Windows, and the Xamarin Platform.
  • Large and continuously growing library of devices (300+) that support a wide variety of OSs.
  • Experience with Agile testing processes during feature development.
  • Clear processes around integrating automation to alleviate the load on manual testing.

Our QA & Testing Experience

WillowTree Software Test Engineers are seasoned experts possessing a remarkable capacity for detail and extensive experience testing products against an array of edge cases. Our test engineers take pride their craft, closely scrutinizing each and every application to ensure it’s battle-tested, boasts an exceptional user experience, and is highly performant and functional. WillowTree’s QA team:

  • Is integrated into client projects from the start of the design phase, helping to craft user stories to ensure those stories are tested and validated before launch.
  • Develops an individual approach for each project around what pieces of QA should be automated vs. what should be manual — generally, the more stable and long-term a project is, the more it makes sense to write automation.
  • Is tightly integrated with all other teams on a client project. Our QA team members become intimately familiar with every platform and aspect of your project, from initial planning and product sketching to design and development.
  • Seeks to understand each and every detail of our clients’ industry, users, and product end-goals so we can guarantee the quality of your application.
  • Is highly communicative, efficiently relaying any discrepancies we identify between platforms and designs with every team member involved on the project.
  • Leverages a wide variety of testing approaches, and has unparalleled access to the best testing tools on the market. More importantly, WillowTree test engineers know which tool is best for each individual project.