Mobile Security & Compliance

Why Is Mobile Security Important?

Exploitations and security issues hit national news frequently and have significant consequences for the companies involved. This IBM study calculated the average cost of a data leak to be $3.8 million for a company. The security of your app is should be absolutely critical to whoever your mobile partner is. Since opening our doors in 2007, our mobile application developers have worked on numerous projects where any security compromise, small or large, could result in significant loss of revenue, and even life. It’s our prerogative to get your app’s security right from the start. And we do, on every project for every client.

Custom Mobile Security Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with apps that are high quality and secure, while maintaining flexibility to best support the unique security needs of each client’s product. Both your company and your mobile have unique security needs. We’ll work with you to align your organization’s priorities with the level of security your product requires.

  • Internal security review
  • Risk/Threat assessment
  • Code logic obfuscation and encryption
  • Adherence to language best practices
  • Secure application design
  • Security scans

These procedures have been used to varying degrees across WillowTree projects, resulting in best-in-class products our clients can count on. WillowTree’s approach to application security doesn’t stop after we ship code either. We monitor the various ecosystems and work with clients to address any new vulnerabilities that arise post-launch. We take mobile security personally, just like the rest of our work in mobile.