Predix Application Development

With our partners at GE, WillowTree is developing mobile applications on the Predix platform that help companies throughout the world optimize production costs of industrial equipment and machinery.

Predix Development Experience

By combining the powerful capabilities of GE’s Industrial Internet platform, Predix, with our deep-seated knowledge of mobile development, microservice architecture, and user-focused experiences, we’ve helped GE:

  • Build a highly-customized front-end application that pulls data from industrial equipment in real-time. The app produces clear information visualizations from this data and displays them in the app’s UI, enabling users to make more intelligent energy management decisions that can help:
    • Preserve machinery life
    • Eliminate downtime
    • Maximize profitability
  • Develop a custom app that allows business managers, energy traders, and plant managers and operators to collaborate on a single platform to set production schedules at gas-powered plants.
  • Design and develop an industrial application for tablet that leverages Predix’s API and platform, including:
    • Time-series databases
    • User and asset authentication
    • Edge machine deployment

WillowTree continues to work with GE Digital, GE Global Research Center, and GE Business Units to design and build production industrial IoT apps on Predix infrastructure. Contact us at to discuss your project.