App Indexing & Mobile SEO

App Indexing and Deep linking is fundamentally changing the way consumers locate digital content and products. In the past, search engines only crawled websites to deliver relevant search results to users. Today, developers can open up apps to search engines, creating specific links to content located inside your native app for search engines to index and deliver to users.

The New Frontier: App Indexing & Search

In 2015 Google and Apple both announced a renewed focus on surfacing native app content in search, on Google mobile search and Spotlight Search respectively. Now whether a user is looking for a recipe, a hotel, a new pair of shoes, or for information on a presidential candidate, app content can be shown above other web search results (regardless of whether the person searching has the app installed). We work closely with our clients’ teams to create App Indexing Strategies to:

  • Identify key pages to index in an app based off your unique goals and KPIs
  • Categorize pages in an app as publicly or privately available to a device
  • Define the best metadata for each page and work with our clients’ SEO teams
  • Create search results, with relevant descriptions, images, and calls to action

Why Deep Link?

Mobile apps now account for more than half of all time spent on digital media, and 42% of all mobile sales generated by the leading 500 merchants came from mobile apps. While you might have a great mobile website, a native app is built from the ground up to work to the strengths of its platform and tends to have a better user experience.

  • Smart App Banners – Deep linking allows you to add Smart App Banners across a site in a visually pleasing way, directing users from your mobile site to the identical content within your app.
  • Improved Marketing – Some companies have seen a 66% increase in user conversions after incorporating deep linking into their mobile marketing efforts. Deep linking allows you to effectively drop users into the middle of your conversion funnel and guide them directly to the product you’re promoting. Clients can even allow users to share pages within an app directly to their friends and family with one tap.
  • Optimize User Experience – Move users seamlessly between the mobile web and relevant content in native apps (85% of users prefer a native app experience to using the mobile web).
  • Inter-App Linking – Historically, apps have acted as stand-alone silos cut off from all the other apps on a user’s phone, but that’s finally changing. Deep linking enables others to link directly into an app and vice versa. After a business traveler checks her hotel reservation, a marketing message could suggest she go directly to another app to get a ride from the airport. This presents significant partnership opportunities with other companies and opens the door to providing an even more enhanced user experience that drives repeat usage and deeper engagement with the native application.