App Analytics

Launching a great native or web app is just the first step on the mobile journey. Constant improvement based on careful implementation of mobile analytics is where the game is really won or lost.

Our analytics team works with you every step of the way through your project, helping you determine the best way to measure your app’s success so you can make informed, data-driven decisions around:

  • Targeted Push Notifications
  • A/B Testing
  • eCommerce
  • App Indexing
  • Marketing Attribution

App Analytics: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Whether you need to incorporate an existing platform your company’s been using for years or you’re looking for analytics services recommendations, WillowTree’s analytics team can help. We can also work with you to audit your company’s existing analytics solution to let you know what’s working, and where we think improvements can be made.

When one company came to us with their app, we quickly noticed different development teams implemented the analytics on their existing iOS and Android apps. There was no easy way for them to diagnose the difference in usage patterns between platforms as a result. We put together a report detailing the points of inconsistency, calling out major features of their analytics tool they weren’t utilizing fully. After cleaning up the tagging and adding features such as demographic data collection and download source attribution, their marketing team was able to make much more meaningful and informed business decisions.

Thoughtful Metric Selection

In the era of “big data,” it’s easy to make the mistake of trying to track everything you can in your app. Nine times out of ten, this results in messy, hard-to-read analytics dashboards and unnecessary headaches down the road. Once we help you zoom in and focus on the questions you really need answered, we’ll make sure you have the valuable and actionable data necessary to track what’s most important about your users’ behavior.


When we know what questions you have, the next step is tagging your app to gather the answers. We begin creating specifications as soon as designs are finished, ensuring developers can build in analytics as they go, and not as an afterthought. Our analytics team ensures consistency in tracking across platforms and versions, and works right alongside our QA team to make certain you’re getting accurate data from day one.

Training, Dashboards, and Reports

Data is great, but it’s useless if you can’t understand it. Our analytics team will set up initial dashboards and reports to make it easy for you to see how your app is doing at a glance. They can also train stakeholders on how to use these dashboards to answer questions quickly. For instance, we can help you segment your data across multiple dimensions (e.g. loyalty level, membership type, geography, user persona, and more) and really drill into it to find new insights.

Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

Once your app is live in the stores, the real work is just beginning. Let our team help you design and run A/B tests to see how we can continue to increase registrations, revenue, or whatever your most important KPIs are. We can also dig into who your users really are, helping you tweak and focus personas developed earlier in the design phase. Through testing, diving into user flows, and gathering audience insights, we can unlock potential feature enhancements to make sure your app only gets better and better.