This Week in Mobile: July 30th – August 6th

This Week in Mobile July 30th to August 6th – Our weekly post on mobile news. You can expect a new post every Monday morning giving a brief summary of what happened the previous week in the mobile space along with links for more information. If you think we missed anything important, leave a comment or send us a tweet @willowtreeapps. Here is what happened this week…


– AT&T announced in its SEC filings that it plans to shutdown its 2G Edge network by 2017.

HTC released its official Q2 numbers, which failed to meet investor expectations. Highlights include: revenue is down 27%, and gross profit is down more than 30%. We reported last week that HTC has withdrawn its offices from South Korea due to slowing sales. TechCrunch provides some more detailed analysis.

– Facebook PR confirmed via twitter that App Center is now live worldwide.


New Android version adoption numbers are out from Google. Notable is Gingerbread on the decline, Ice Cream Sandwich on the rise, and the arrival of Jelly Bean (But with a meager .8%)

– Google has made changes to the Play Store contents policies. The exact changes are detailed in a letter to Android Developers, but are mostly an attempt to fight the wild west image the store has obtained. Changes include rules to curb spam, protect user data, and prevent copycat apps.

– A new video emerged online showing an unfinished feature allowing multiple log-ins on Android. Multi-User functionality has been talked about for a while and currently none of the major tablet devices support it. An Android developer said the hidden feature is “not ready for deployment”.


– The Samsung Apple trial is providing too much interesting news to cover here alone. For now I would look at The Verge’s coverage or check our their top ranking iPhone app.

– New pictures of prototype iPhone and iPad devices leaked from the Samsung Apple trial this week.

Sharp announced that it is building screens for the next iPhone, with shipments to start in August. This adds to the rumors of a September 12th launch.


– Nokia is planning to announce new WP8 Lumia handsets at Nokia World next month according to an Anonymous source. This would put their announcement just ahead of the expected Sept. 12th arrival of the next iPhone.


RIM talks about its competitors and future in an interview with Thorstein Heins. Of note was how closely RIM considered using Android for future Blackberry devices. “We took the conscious decision not to go Android. If you look at other suppliers’ ability to differentiate, there’s very little wiggle room. We looked at it seriously – but if you understand what the promise of BlackBerry is to its user base it’s all about getting stuff done … And if we want to serve that segment we can’t do it on a me-too approach.”

– BlackBerry said they are open to licensing their new BlackBerry 10 Platform to other manufacturers in a statement made this week. How enthusiastic other manufacturers will be is yet to be seen, especially considering recent delays in the new OS.

– Pictures of a new 10inch BlackBerry Playbook leaked this week. An internal BlackBerry roadmap hinted at a larger playbook to release in Q3 2013, which could be what the pictures are showing.

New and Notable Apps: This is a new section which will highlight some new apps and features we found interesting this week.

– Obama launched his own app for his presidential campaign, and Mitt Romney is going to announce his VP choice on his new app. Romney particular seems to be interested in using Mobile apps for his campaign, promising that users of his app will know his VP choice before any other media.

– The redesigned Digg comes with a new Digg iOS app. The feature that put this on the list is the ability to geo fence your home, and have the app download all of the top stories for your commute to work — a cool addition to a otherwise simple app.

– Google released two updates this week. First, Google Wallet got a big update. Users can now store credit cards from all of the major companies, fixing one of the largest complaints with app. New cloud features also let you disable your wallet remotely. Second, Google Maps now displays live data from New York City subways. Good news if you’re an Android user in NYC. UPDATE: American Express now saying it is not officially supported. Talks are ongoing with Google.

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