This Week in Mobile: December 3rd – December 10th

This Week in Mobile December 3rd – December 10th – Our weekly post on mobile news. You can expect a new post every Monday morning giving a brief summary of what happened the previous week in the mobile space along with links for more information. If you think we missed anything important, leave a comment or send us a tweet @willowtreeapps. Here’s what happened this week…


Nelson released new statistics on Tablet and smartphone usage, showing that 85% of people use their devices’ while watching TV, and 40% do so daily.

– Mobile Advertising company Chitika released the results of a 6 month study on mobile browsing showing that iOS is still way ahead of Android in mobile web browsing.


Discover Card began rolling out Passbook integration this week, the second credit card company after AmEx to take advantage of Apple’s new system. RE/MAX has also begun equipping its agents with Passbook business cards.

USPTO has raised concerns over Apple’s multi-touch patent, which could lead to its invalidation if Apple is unable to answer to the USPTO’s concerns.

The iPhone 5 is back in stock in many major countries.

Security staff watch over a crowd gathered for the opening of a new Apple store in Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping district October 20, 2012. REUTERS/David Gray

Apple fell to 6th place in the Chinese Smartphone market, behind local names like Samsung and Huawei.

T-Mobile will start carrying Apple products after the two reached an agreement.


– The Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy S III devices launched this week, allowing users to run two windowed apps at the same time among other features.

Windows Phone:

– Nokia revealed the Lumia 620 this week, a low cost option for WP8.

The new Lumia 620 is Nokia’s newest low entry level smartphone.


– Microsoft’s #DroidRage compaign, which rewards tweets complaining about Android phones, has begun backfiring on Twitter.

Nokia sold its headquarters to bolster its company’s finances.

New and Notable Apps:

– Twitter plans on releasing photo filters before the Holidays to compete with Instagram. This news comes after Instagram made changes to be less compatible with Twitter.

Square added Gift Cards and Passbook functionality this week.

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