iPad: The Beginning of the End for Desktop-Based Purchases?

A new study by Monetate, an e-commerce SaaS provider, is claiming that the tablets are driving e-commerce, and traditional retailers are reacting by accommodating the iPad for their online stores.

It’s no surprise that Apple’s iPad is leading this shift, as websites tracked by Monetate saw traditional visits (desktop & laptop) drop by more than 10 perent from 92.33 percent  to 81.60 percent. To shed some further light, for the three month period ending in September, tablets and smartphone-accounted visits to websites both jumped by more than 100 percent from the previous year. Conversions were also nearly equal between tablets and traditional desktops in this quarter. While there is insufficient data for the new iPad mini, Monetate believes that it has the potential to surpass that of the iPad.

More info here: http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/11/27/apples-ipad-driving-e-commerce-as-market-shifts-from-desktop-based-purchases

Did you, or will you shop for gifts this Holiday season from your tablet device? What are your thoughts on the future of e-commerce?

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