The U.S. Department of Justice, the MTSU Forensic Institute for Research and Education (FIRE) partnered with WillowTree Apps to create CASE, the crime scene checklist app for first responders.


Crime scenes become less pristine with each passing second. It’s up to first responders to gather evidence at risk of being lost or altered as soon as they arrive. MTSU & DOJ selected WillowTree to create a mobile solution that would systematically guide first responders through chaotic crime scenes, and give them the ability to document evidence swiftly.

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The Solution

In collaboration with leading crime-scene investigators from across the country, WillowTree designed and developed CASE for iPhone. CASE gives first responders all the tools they need to successfully document crime scenes as soon as they arrive.

The CASE app features text, photography, video, and audio recording capabilities, as well as functionality allowing users to ascribe date, time, and GPS location information to a crime scene.  All documentation for each crime scene can be bundled and exported via USB cable to an external device from the app. After 72 hours, all data collected from the scene is automatically deleted.

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