Mobile technology has drastically shifted the way consumers shop – both from home, on-the-go, and within the store. Perhaps no industry has as much potential to take advantage of mobile platforms as retail and mobile commerce.

The mistake many retailers make however, is the adoption of a mobile solution that is either non-customizable and/or very limiting. The main reason that this occurs, vetting mobile agencies/platforms and  sticker shock consumes decision makers.

Nearly two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users have abandoned their carts due to a problem at checkout*

The #1 Road Block: Checkout Experience – The checkout process is the single most important feature driving (or not driving) conversion:

  • Navigation
  • Payment Options
  • Issues entering credit card information
  • Coupon Redemption
  • Text too small to read
  • Too many steps/screens

Additional Reasons Leading to Cart Abandonment in Mobile Commerce:

  • Unreliable Apps
    • The app freezes, crashes, takes too long to load – creates uncertainty and loss of trust
  • Poor Search and/or Localization Features
    • Store location, mapping, routes, & promotions not working properly leads to frustration
  • Site Load Speed
  • Site Designed for Desktop; not Mobile
  • Requires App Download during site visit

The majority of WillowTree’s retail and ecommerce clients have been burned by these “time-share” mobile platform agencies, recognize the need for a custom mobile solution, then call WillowTree.

The Skinny: A Retailer’s Mobile Solution Should be Just as Unique as their Brand (or product offering).

WillowTree will listen, and then identify the type of mobile solution(s) is the best fit for your brand’s goals. Dependent upon our recommendations, a custom-developed native application, mobile web application, or mobile website can include:

  • AR (Augmented Reality)
  • POS (Point of Sale) Real-time product searches to access information, pricing and/or specials
  • Navigation & Menu drill-downs
  • Touch-enabled functionality
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Store locators
  • One-click ordering
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product selector aides
  • Recommendation engine / Up-sell opportunities

Monetize the Customer, Not the App

Retailers have the amazing opportunity to assist customers with in-store purchase decisions – yet very few are leveraging this opportunity, or the approach is not sound.

Push Notifications & QR codes can be leveraged to engage the consumer:

  • Simple reminders
  • Communicate changes or new information
  • Feature daily specials / deals
  • Incremental Sales w/Up-sells
  • Promotes engagement with your brand across marketing mediums

WillowTree has completed a variety of mobile strategy, design and development projects for retail and ecommerce clients.

Client Successes: