The OTT streaming app, powered by Salix™, puts the CBC in Canada's back pocket.

Project Overview

CBC, Canada’s leading English-language television network, partnered with WillowTree to create a completely new media-delivery experience for its massive audience. CBC’s cross-platform solution sets the standard for accessibility through support for Descriptive Video, Voice Over / Talk Back, Web Screen Readers and more, ensuring all users have seamless access CBC television content.



Project Goals

  • Advanced Access

    Ensure robust support for features like Talk Back/Voice Over and Web Screen Readers to make CBC’s app accessible to all users.
  • Enhanced User Experience

    Enable users to quickly find content by designing a clean UI that ensures an effortless navigation experience in the app.
  • Improved Analytics

    Build analytics functionality into CBC's apps to capture data around page tracking, video engagement metrics, video quality, etc.
  • High-Performance VOD

    Streamline the VOD experience by simplifying the UI to ensure fast and seamless performance.
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