Your Care Coordinators

Quantum Health created a mobile solution to help nearly 340,000 members take control of their healthcare journey.

The Challenge

Quantum Health, a company helping close to 340,000 consumers at 80 organizations navigate the complexities of their healthcare plans, wanted to create a state-of-the-art mobile solution to replace their existing applications. The new apps would be an integral part of Quantum’s updated brand and messaging, needed to act as an additional sales tool, and provide members with access to Quantum’s exceptional suite of services.

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The Solution

Your Care Coordinators is Quantum Health’s innovative, and intuitively designed mobile solution that gives their members greater control over their healthcare plans, and helps Quantum’s sales team showcase their services. Expertly optimized by WillowTree UX designers and software engineers,Your Care Coordinators functions seamlessly across iOS and Android devices.

To ensure the apps launched on time, WillowTree developers utilized Monkeypod to quickly design an API for Quantum. iOS and Android engineers also built out unique functionality to allow companies using Quantum’s services to weave their own branding and messaging into the apps, so users feel right at home from launch. Users can also:

  • Locate in-network providers
  • Upload and access their healthcare ID card
  • Check claims information
  • Schedule a call with a Quantum Care Coordinator
  • Track healthcare wellness requirements
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