Quintiles' award-winning app helping more than 2.6 million users manage RXs and over-the-counter medications.

The Challenge

With over 2.6 million registered users, Quintiles’ MediGuard service is one of the largest and fastest-growing healthcare communities in history. To better support their massive user base, Quintiles was ready to create a mobile solution enabling users to monitor medication intake, receive pill reminders and alerts for dangerous drug interactions and recalls, and access the latest information and research on disease-specific programs.

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The Solution

MediGuard is Quintiles’ elegantly engineered and designed mobile solution for iOS and Android platforms, empowering users throughout the world by connecting them with the tools and resources they need to successfully monitor their medication intake, and manage their healthcare conditions.

Users can customize how the app delivers information, choosing from 4 different types of customized reminders. Other features include access to a drug database of more than 4,000 medications, as well as information on safety alerts, side effects, and potentially dangerous drug interactions. Users also have the ability to print or email a list of their medications to healthcare providers, and store questions in the app to ask their doctor at appointments.

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