AAP Red Book Online

A digital platform connecting 62,000+ AAP members to pediatric-care resources they depend on anywhere, anytime.

The Challenge

With 62,000+ healthcare professionals relying on them for access to critical medical information, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) set out to build a new digital platform to connect AAP members with essential pediatric-care resources instantly from any device. Robust semantic searching, streamlined login, an intuitive UX, as well as a branded UI mirroring AAP’s new platform website were essential. AAP asked WillowTree to help them design and develop a mobile solution for iOS and Android.

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The Solution

Red Book Online is the first application to roll out as a part of the integrated Point-of-Care Solutions™ platform from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Elegantly engineered and designed by WillowTree developers and UX specialists, the Red Book Online app is expertly optimized to work across iOS and Android devices, and allows AAP members to find answers and information about pediatric immunizations and diseases fast.

Our UX Designers successfully engaged with AAP’s third-party partners to ensure all new design elements from the desktop version of the Red Book Online website were incorporated into the app. Designers also wove AAP’s branding and colors throughout the app to satisfy user interface (UI) expectations important to AAP.

The Red Book Online app performs flawlessly in areas with little or no internet connectivity, enabling users to locate and utilize information anytime and anywhere to provide patients better point-of-care treatment. Learn more about Red Book Online.

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