Mobile Apps in Healthcare

A Better Way to Deliver Patient Care and Reduce Costs

Mobile healthcare applications are radically transforming the healthcare industry, favorably impacting patient care, professional collaboration and the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

More than 80 percent of US physicians use a smartphone professionally and more than half of them report having used a tablet at the point of care (Manhattan Research: Taking the Pulse US 2012).

Communication is an incredibly important aspect of practicing medicine. Integrated communication that ensures doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers have a unified, accurate view into all patient data is essential to well-informed medical decisions. Every doc has known that for a long time, and now they have a smartphone or iPad in their hands. Make sure they get what they need with mobile healthcare apps from WillowTree Apps.

WillowTree Apps Healthcare Solutions:

Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Medicine

WillowTree Apps intuitive mobile healthcare apps for docs and patients improve communication and healthcare delivery, offering:

  • HIPAA-compliance
  • Integration with back-end systems for a unified, real-time view of all patient data
  • Increased customer satisfaction and lower healthcare costs
  • Improved revenue opportunity: cross-selling and promotion of related health and fitness services where appropriate for patient or client interests
  • Improved communication across healthcare providers

Healthcare Applications and Mobile:

Converging to a Powerful Intersect

Healthcare applications are not new. Browser-based, PC and Mac apps that help people manage their blood pressure, monitor their pregnancy, lose weight, reduce stress and generally become an active participant in the quality of their healthcare have proven successful in the past.

That audience is moving to smartphones and tablets. Are you?

The top 10 mobile health apps have generated up to $4 million free and 300,000 paid downloads – per day.

There are more than 97,000 mobile apps related to health and fitness, most of them focused on helping users track specific health parameters.  The total market for mobile healthcare apps is expected to reach $26 billion in the U.S. alone, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 61 percent (research2guidance).

Mobile devices have become as common in doctor’s offices and hospitals as tongue depressors:

  • 85 percent of US physicians own and use a smartphone professionally
  • 81 percent of US physicians own an iPad; at least half of them report having used it at the point of care
  • Two-thirds of US physicians use online video to keep up to date with clinical information

Source: Manhattan Research: Taking the Pulse US 2012

Access to clinical databases and other online information is an increasingly critical aspect of decision support for healthcare practitioners, and smartphones are a convenient way to access that information.

Doctors report that they want to communicate with patients and other members of the healthcare team via their mobile devices (Mobile Marketer). Smartphones and tablets are also a great way for docs to check in on duty and even when they are off-duty; WillowTree Apps can help you deliver healthcare apps that work as hard as they do.

The Doc Wish List

  • Communicate with patients
  • Monitor outpatients
  • Access medical records
  • Prescribe medications
  • Initiate and track referrals

Source: Mobile Marketer

Mobilize your Healthcare Apps: Put WillowTree on Your Team

WillowTree Apps’ healthcare solutions, technology and consulting services help healthcare organizations improve patient care, drive better collaboration, ensure privacy and reduce cost. Where applicable, we can even help you drive increased revenue by alerting patients and clients to services or products that can augment their health.

We design and deliver mobile healthcare apps that integrate with your other patient care systems. We can advise and execute on taking existing browser-based healthcare applications and adapting them to a mobile experience. Or we can create new mobile healthcare apps from scratch. Our healthcare apps help doctors communicate effectively – and confidentially.

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Data encryption
  • Back-end integration

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