Using modern CSS3 and HTML5 techniques, GSN Games’ mobile web app offers players an exciting, three-dimensional SCRABBLE experience.

The Challenge

With the success of cash games for mobile web like Catch-21 and Solitaire Rush, GSN Games was eager to modernize their existing flash-based game, SCRABBLE Cubes, and add it to their mobile web apps lineup. SCRABBLE Cubes’ unique and complex 3D layout needed to translate entirely in the new code for the web app version of the game, and perform flawlessly across a wide range of mobile devices and browsers. GSN selected WillowTree to help bring SCRABBLE Cubes to life on mobile web.

  • iphone_scrabblecubes_main
  • iphone_scrabblecubes_startgame
  • iphone_scrabblecubes_midgame
  • iphone_scrabblecubes_gameover

The Solution

To create the mobile web version of SCRABBLE Cubes, WillowTree web apps engineers utilized modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques to precisely emulate the game’s existing 3D layout, and ensure flawless game performance across mobile browsers for GSN’s audience.

All animations in the mobile web version of SCRABBLE Cubes are carefully orchestrated using advanced CSS3 coding methods to take full advantage of hardware acceleration whenever possible, and to gracefully degrade on lower-powered devices without losing game play quality.

Ensuring the security of their new mobile web app was critical to GSN Games, as players can choose to compete against each other for cash in real-time online tournaments. To address this, WillowTree implemented a clever game security validation system involving Node.js on the back-end to safeguard the accuracy of all data input and output from the SCRABBLE Cubes game.