Tele2 Arena

WillowTree Apps designed and developed the Tele2 Arena venue app for the iOS platform that enables users to access sporting event and concert event schedules, details, discounts, maps, check-ins, social sharing, and more.

The Challenge

Sweden’s new venue for business and entertainment events knew that a state-of-the-art visitor experience would have to include a mobile way to engage before, during and after events.

  • Tele2 Arena - Menu
  • Tele2 Arena - Map
  • Tele2 Arena - Live
  • Tele2 Arena - Event
  • Tele2 Arena - Event Detail
  • Tele2 Arena - Football
  • Tele2 Arena - Football Detail

The Solution

Tele2 Arena turned to WillowTree Apps because of its extensive experience with mobile apps for venues.

WillowTree Apps developed an iPhone app that helps users better engage with the Tele2 Arena before, during and after attending an event there, greatly enhancing the perception of this venue as a world-class place to see football, hockey, concerts, corporate entertainment and more.

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