The app keeping over 1,500 Zappos team members updated on company news, events, announcements, and more.

The Challenge

While best known as one of the largest online clothing and shoe stores worldwide, also prides itself on its thriving and unique company culture. To continue cultivating a positive environment, Zappos wanted to create a one-of-a-kind application to capture the fun-filled personality of their team, and provide employees with a way to stay up to date on company events, news, and announcements.

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The Solution

Working with WillowTree, Zappos was able to bring their ideal mobile solution to life. The Zappos Campus App keeps all 1,500+ Zappos team members updated on company news and events, lets them report campus issues, and celebrates Zappos’ beloved company culture.

WillowTree UX designers and software engineers incorporated new native iOS and Android technologies into Zappos’ apps, providing their team a modern and seamless user experience across devices. Developers used Swift to code portions of the iOS version of Zappos’ app, and leveraged its constraint-based Auto Layout system to ensure the app supports iPhones of all sizes. To create added visual appeal within each of Zappos’ apps, UX designers at WillowTree incorporated Apple’s iOS 8 native blurring effect, and Android’s Touch Ripple effect.