McKee Foods

The iPad app streamlining product-display setup, and getting McKee's brands in front of consumers fast.

The Challenge

McKee Foods, best known as the owners of Little Debbie® brand snack cakes, sets up product displays in thousands of grocery stores across the US. To get their products in front of consumers faster and streamline the display-setup process, McKee asked WillowTree to design and develop an app that would enable their sales team to virtually place displays and product racks within stores before actual physical setup.

The Solution

Snap is McKee Foods’ time-saving mobile solution that gives their sales team the ability to create high-quality, customized product displays in grocery stores across the country in just a few taps. Expertly optimized for iPad, Snap works by giving users the ability to choose from existing photos, or take new ones, of potential display areas in stores, and overlay pre-loaded images of brand displays instantly.

To ensure users could create accurate depictions of product displays in each store, our UX Designers created a sizing legend for McKee’s team to reference when overlaying images in the app. iOS developers built out functionality allowing McKee’s team to use the app in portrait or landscape mode, and gave them the ability or share their product display images directly from the app.

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