Streamlining HR and recruitment processes and saving GROWMARK's team time and money throughout the year

Project Overview

GROWMARK, Inc., a successful agricultural cooperative employing 6,500 team members, has 200+ job openings at any given moment. To support the needs of their busy HR and recruitment departments, they partnered with WillowTree to design and develop an app that would save them time and money at major recruitment events throughout the year, eliminate paper trails, and provide job-seekers a fast way to learn about open positions.  growmark_portfolio_graphic_3

The Solution

growmark_portfolio_graphicGMK Careers is the intelligently engineered and intuitively designed app that empowers GROWMARK’s team by giving them all the tools they need to spend less time managing paper work, and more time connecting with promising hires. Expertly optimized by WillowTree iOS developers, GMK Careers works in areas with little or no Internet connectivity so GROWMARK’s teams never miss opportunities to connect with promising hires they meet in the field. 

To ensure job seekers could easily search, filter, and browse for open positions, we made sure GROWMARK’s app had a simple and clean UI, free of clutter that distracts users. We also incorporated GROWMARK’s branding and colors to capture the look and feel of their company and establish brand-familiarity amongst job-seekers using the app.  

WillowTree engineers designed and implemented sophisticated geospatial technology in the app that allows users to execute highly-targeted searches for open positions based on their current location. We also used Parse to create a simple CMS that allows GROWMARK’s team to host HR and recruitment materials like PDFs, recruitment brochures, and other important documents in the app.

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