Rexel Gexpro

Gexpro's app allows contractors to place orders three-times faster at job sites, dramatically improving their productivity.

The Challenge

With thousands of contractors traveling to job sites with limited internet connectivity everyday, Gexpro had already begun exploring options to build a mobile solution. But the real challenge facing them was how to create a faster, more reliable tool to replace contractors’ existing paper-based requisition system for product orders.

The Solution

After carefully determining the best way to leverage mobile to streamline contractors’ purchasing workflow, WillowTree worked with Gexpro to help them design and engineer the QuickPix platform. This innovative application for desktop and tablet devices utilizes a hybrid-based architecture, combining the performance gains of native app development with the customizability of HTML5 to effectively drive contractors’ efficiency at remote job sites.

We designed QuickPix to scale seamlessly to account for future growth, and to deeply integrate Gexpro’s commerce and ERP systems. Leveraging the system’s extensible architecture, WillowTree developers also built out functionality enabling other Rexel-affiliated companies to adopt, and customize the platform with their own branding.

Knowing Gexpro’s contractors work in areas with little to no data connectivity on a daily basis, we engineered QuickPix to operate at full tilt, without sacrificing functionality, in online and offline modes. Once connectivity is restored, user interactions, new product orders, and data sync in 10 seconds or less, dramatically streamlining contractors’ workflow by simplifying the entire purchasing process.


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