DS Services

A responsive and efficient desktop solution making life easier for DS Services' call-center agents and customers.

The Challenge

Millions of customers throughout the U.S. rely on DS Services for their bottled water, filtration, coffee, and tea products. With a sales force spread across 40 states and increasing demand for its products, DS Services needed an easy-to-use tool that would make managing customer accounts fast and simple for their agents. Responsiveness, scalability, and swift performance were critical to a successful launch.

Project Goals

  • Clean Design

    Completely redesign DS Services' existing call center software with a clean and modern UI to optimize efficiency.
  • Efficient Load Times

    Ensure agents could click on customer accounts and view information instantly, even as additional data loaded.
  • Advanced Security

    Ensure DS Services' new system met and exceeded current web-security standards.
  • Fast Frameworks

    Optimize software performance by utilizing the most-advanced web frameworks on the market.

UX Design // A Strategic Approach

We methodically examined DS Services’ existing system architecture and user workflows to cultivate a deep understanding of their technology requirements and user needs. From there, our UX strategists laid out the blueprints for a highly-efficient and intuitive desktop solution.