AOL Sales

AOL transformed its sales process by launching a mobile platform that creates customized sales decks instantly

The Challenge

With 36 trillion advertising events from 15 thousand campaigns in the past year alone stored in their database, AOL was ready to build a cross-platform solution to connect their sales and marketing teams with all their valuable content anytime, and anywhere. Their multi-platform tool needed to decrease turnaround times for simple information requests and work seamlessly across desktop and tablet devices. AOL asked WillowTree to help them engineer their innovative sales-enablement solution.


Project Goals

  • Powerful Filtering & Searching

    Engineer a system powerful enough to sift through massive amounts of information and deliver the most relevant results to users in seconds.
  • Instantly Create Sales Presentations

    Give AOL's team the ability to generate fully-customized, ready-to-go sales presentations on the fly.
  • Seamless Cross-Platform Experience

    Design a highly-intuitive user experience and clean UI, expertly optimized for tablet and desktop.
  • Elimination of Turn Around Time

    Develop a high-performance solution capable of eliminating turn around time for simple data requests.

Design Solutions

AOL’s design team came to WillowTree with a proposed UI. WillowTree helped refine and build on top of their design foundation.

  • Design Consultation & Collaboration

    WillowTree consulted on visual designs, and collaborated with AOL to help fine tune the UX.
  • Visual Mockups

    Created detailed visual mockups for tablet & desktop, incorporated branding and colors
  • Interactions

    Designed transitions, interactions, and load indicators for the final product

Technology Solutions

Our Web Apps engineers located and pulled content from AOL’s extensive normative database using…

  • MongoDB

    Ensured high-performance, seamless scalability, and easy access to AOL's database
  • Cloud Servers

    Kept operational complexity to a minimum throughout development
  • HTML5

    Ensured AOL's solution performed flawlessly across desktop and tablet devices

Deployment Catalysts

The Solution

Advertising Works is the powerful, sleekly designed HTML5 business-intelligence platform that empowers AOL’s teams by putting actionable market insights at their fingertips. Expertly optimized by WillowTree UX designers and engineers, Advertising Works performs flawlessly across desktop and tablet devices making it easy for AOL’s teams to access the information they need no matter where business takes them each week.

To tackle the challenge of locating and pulling content from AOL’s extensive normative database, WillowTree developers implemented a flexible document tagging system within Advertising Works and successfully integrated AOL’s internal and partner APIs. Utilizing MongoDB, WillowTree engineers also built advanced content-filtering functionality into Advertising Works to ensure only the most relevant content is returned to users based on search parameters they set.

Advertising Works allows AOL’s team to execute highly-targeted, demographic-based searches for valuable content like slides, market research, and KPIs instantly, helping them gain competitive edge in the field. The platform also gives users the ability to create and export customized, client-ready sales presentations on-the-fly from desktop or tablet devices.

Watch the AOL Advertising Works app demo