Teachstone's apps for iOS make it easier than ever for educators to focus on effective student-teacher interactions in the classroom.

The Challenge

Teachstone, a company dedicated to enriching teacher-to-student interactions in the classroom, reaches tens of thousands of educators and 6 million+ students with its CLASS training program. With participants working together remotely, Teachstone set out to create two native apps for iPhone and iPad to help facilitate a more seamless communication process between CLASS-certified Trainers, Observers, and teachers enrolled in the program. Robust support for in-app video recording, content sharing, observational reporting, and the ability to function in areas with little or no WiFi connection were essential to the success of their apps.


Project Goals

  • Mobile Video Recording

    Design and develop a mobile solution for iPhone featuring in-app video recording capabilities.
  • Quick File Sharing

    Enable CLASS participants in the in the MyTeachingPartner™ Coaching program to quickly and easily share videos, reports, and data with Teachstone.
  • Streamlined Data Collection

    Provide certified CLASS Observers with an iPad application to simplify data collection and reporting.
  • Background Uploading

    Utilize the iOS background task feature to ensure continuous video upload in areas with intermittent internet connectivity.

Teachstone and myTeachstone Observer for iPhone and iPad are the intuitively designed iOS applications streamlining every aspect of the communication process for participants in Teachstone’s CLASS training system. Methodically designed and engineered in collaboration with Teachstone’s team, WillowTree strategists, UX designers, and developers optimized both Teachstone and myTeachstone Observer to function seamlessly across iPhone and iPad so CLASS participants can quickly and easily share content, record videos, and collect data from anywhere they work.

The Teachstone app features a clean user interface and simple video recording controls so CLASS-enrolled teachers can record, save, and share classroom videos with their MyTeachingPartner™ coaches at Teachstone.

myTeachstone Observer for iPad enables CLASS-certified Observers to schedule, administer, and send reports directly to Teachstone’s Coaches who mentor the teachers they observe. To ensure efficient reporting functionality, WillowTree iOS engineers implemented a data collection algorithm that instantly translates averages across observational domains and dimensions in the CLASS system, saving Teachstone’s Observers valuable time and effort in the classroom.