Skillsoft Learning App

Skillsoft's completely updated media-delivery solution for iOS and Android that connects 19 million users to content they need instantly.

The Challenge

With more than 19 million users and counting relying on their content-delivery services and over 60 thousand professional-development resources to manage, Skillsoft was eager to overhaul their existing app in favor of a more robust solution for iOS and Android. Their new product needed to be:

  • Highly Performant, so users could browse and search for content quickly from their iOS or Android device
  • Sleek and intuitive, with an improved UX designed to delight users and drive deeper long-term engagement
  • Engineered and optimized for fast and easy curation of their extensive digital library of resources, including courses, books and videos
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The Solution

In-depth app design and development engagement, we helped Skillsoft launch the all-new Skillsoft Learning App for iOS and Android. Skillfully optimized for iOS and Android design paradigms, Skillsoft’s new product effectively extends the portability of their vast library of digital content to mobile, placing essential professional-development resources like courses, books and videos in the palm of users’ hands.

WillowTree’s UX Design team meticulously redesigned Skillsoft’s existing application, creating a more-intuitive UX and a UI that aligns more closely with the look and feel of other top consumer apps for rich-media consumption.

To support their goal of making learning a more enjoyable experience for users, our iOS and Android engineers built out functionality that allows the Skillsoft Learning App to make personalized-content recommendations to users based on their previous searches. Users also have the ability to customize their home screens with topics of their own choosing. Additional improvements include improved full-text searching in the app, enhanced audio and video play as well as greater in-app reading functionality.

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