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Three Crucial watchOS 3 Concepts

At WWDC, Apple announced updates to all of their platforms. I’d like to focus on some of the key changes in watchOS 3 and how developers can leverage the […]

A Deeper Look at SiriKit for iOS 10

iOS 10 brings a host of amazing features, many of which are for developers. One of these great features is SiriKit. Using SiriKit, developers now have the ability to […]

WWDC 2016: Rich Notifications in iOS 10

Notifications have gotten more than a visual refresh in iOS 10. As part of the new UserNotifications framework, Apple has given us the ability to make notifications that contain […]

WillowTalk: WWDC 2016 Greatest Hits #4

DING DING IT’S NOTIFICATIONS TIME! UILocalNotification is so 2010, and so are you if you’re not hip with UNNotification! Join Andrew and Ben as they learn about the User […]

WillowTalk: WWDC 2016 Greatest Hits #3

3D Touch becomes more of a thing with UIPreviewInteraction! Spam your friends with iMessage stickers! Learn how with WillowTalk’s third WWDC 2016 video experience!

WillowTalk: WWDC 2016 Greatest Hits #2

Any fans of Siri or Core Data out there? This second installment of our WWDC 2016 mini series bonanza is just for you! Learn what’s now possible for developers […]