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Mobile UX Design: What Makes a Good Push Notification?

As a mobile UX designer, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest apps, both in terms of  design and functionality. I’ve downloaded hundreds of them to my smartphone throughout […]

3 Quick Form Fixes for Mobile Applications

Everyone knows filling out forms can be a tedious and mundane task, and doing so on a mobile device can be even worse with small touch areas and multiple […]

App Development: How to Get the Right LayoutInflater

Update 4/17/15: I had originally wrongly assumed that AppCompat tinting did not work with  LayoutInflater.from(context) . That’s what I get for not testing my assumptions!   LayoutInflater is a fundamental component […]

WillowTree’s Easter Egg Hunt for Android Developers

Think you know a lot about Android? Want to test your development skills? Download WillowTree’s Easter egg hunt and get cracking! This past Saturday, we hosted an Easter egg […]